Arne Dahl: Many Waters


Release Date: February 22, 2012

Original name: Arne Dahl: De största vatten

Status: Released

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A policeman shoots an African immigrant who is to be deported from Sweden. Kerstin Holm is commissioned to conduct the interrogation of the policeman, who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend Dag Lundmark. During an interview break Lundmark disappears without a trace. Meanwhile, a burglar breaks into an apartment where he finds a body with a farewell letter. The letter leads to two more corpses in a swamp in Värmland The A-group discovers a connection between the two murders associated with espionage in the international pharmaceutical industry. Kerstin Holm tries to track down Dag Lundmark on her own. Suddenly she realizes that he has come across a terrible secret and only waits for her to find him, which you succeed in the end.

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Arne Dahl: De största vatten () is a Swedish miniseries broadcast from February 18, 2012 to February 22, 2012 and directed by Tova Magnusson. It is the second miniseries and the fourth part of Arne Dahl's franchise.The miniseries is an adaptation to the screen of the novel "Arne Dahl: De största vatten" by the Swedish author Jan Arnald, who sometimes signed under the pseudonym "Arne Dahl" published in 2002. The miniseries is preceded by Arne Dahl: Upp till toppen av beget and succeeded by the Arne Dahl: Europa blues.

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