Odd Little Man


Release Date: September 1, 2000

Original name: Da jeg traff Jesus... med sprettert

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 28m

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Little Oddemann uses every means available to find Jesus, including his slingshot. The film takes us to Norway in the late '30s, where we meet a series of burlesque and humorous characters, whose antics convince Oddemann that growing up may be a bad idea. Yet Oddemann finds there are certain rewards to being grown-up, such as partying and chasing women, that merit closer examination.

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Odd Little Man (Norwegian title: Da jeg traff Jesus... med sprettert) is a Norwegian family movie from 2000, directed by Stein Leikanger, based on one of the biographic memoirs of Odd Børretzen. The title of the movie is a Norwegian pun: the first part of the Norwegian title means "When I met Jesus", and the second part means "...with a slingshot", thus changing the meaning of the title to "When I hit Jesus ... with a slingshot", as the word 'traff' can mean 'hit' or 'met' depending on the context. The English titles makes use of the coincidence that Børretzen's Norwegian first name has another meaning in English.

This movie was the Norwegian entry to the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2001.

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