Release Date: January 1, 1933

Original name: 天明

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 56m

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A country girl and her boyfriend arrive in Shanghai for a better life. They soon find only desperation. She is raped and falls into prostitution as he drifts into revolutionary circles. Her access through her trade grants her greater access which she uses to aid her revolutionary lover with tragic results.

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Daybreak (Chinese: 天明; pinyin: Tiānmíng) is a 1933 Chinese silent film directed by Sun Yu for the Lianhua Film Company and made in a pro-KMT studio. The film stars Li Lili, one of the biggest silent film stars of the period, was a star vehicle for Li Lili, and was also the seventh film of director Sun Yu, who was the best known auteur of Shanghai Cinema during the 1920s.The film Daybreak was created in the commemoration and celebration of the Party's successful completion in the Northern Expedition. Director Sun Yu's films were intended for nationalist propaganda and presents a narrative of redemption as a soft film - the concept where cinema is created as a form of entertainment and a means of aesthetic presentation above all else. The narrative openness encourages and allows cinematic audiences to develop their own political interpretations and in this film, for spectators to produce 'left wing' or 'pro-CCP' messages to emerge from its mise en abyme.It follows a young country girl from a rural fishing village, Lingling (played by Li Lili) as she moves to the glittering city of Shanghai with her boyfriend Zhang (played by Gao Zhanfei). Lingling falls into an unfortunate path, as Zhang drifts into revolutionary circles. Upon arriving to the city, Lingling's own sister sold her to the boss who intoxicates her, rapes her, and forces her into prostitution before eventually becoming a martyr for the coming revolution.

An English-subtitled version of the film is available on YouTube.


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