The Hidden Way


Release Date: July 26, 1926

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 8m

Content Rating: NR

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The film tells the tale of three ex-cons who finally go straight, through the redemptive power of love. After rescuing Mary from certain death, the “three bad men” meet her saintly mother and stay on to help on their farm. In The Hidden Way, two of the ex-cons conspire to steal the family’s tiny nest egg, but through plot twists involving a medicinal spring, a wronged woman, a villainous Casanova, his avaricious father, and government inspectors (!), the pair eventually see their error and join the third in turning over a new leaf.

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The Hidden Way is a surviving 1926 American silent crime drama film produced and directed by Joseph De Grasse, written by his wife Ida May Park and starring Mary Carr, Gloria Grey and Thomas Santschi. The film was lost for decades until a print surfaced in near mint condition in New Zealand.

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