Premeditated Murder


Release Date: November 15, 1995

Original name: Убиство с предумишљајем

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 34m

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Men, women, and war. Jelena Panic is a young woman in Belgrade in the early 1990s, during Serbia's war with Croatia; she's making a book of her grandmother's diaries from the end of World War II. She takes up with Bogdan, a young soldier recovering from war wounds. He helps her with her grandmother's story, a tragic triangle involving her effete and well-educated husband and an uneducated major, a Chekist who has, perhaps, the power to save a political prisoner who is the grandmother's friend. As Jelena wonders which man was her grandfather (the Chekist or the husband), Bogdan recovers from his wounds and must decide whether to return to the front. Jelena pleads; duty calls.

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Premeditated Murder (Serbian: Убиство с предумишљајем, Ubistvo s predumišljajem) is a 1995 Serbian film directed by Gorčin Stojanović starring Branka Katić and Nebojša Glogovac. It is based on a novel by Slobodan Selenić.

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