The Goodbye Kiss

Drama · 
Thriller · 

Release Date: February 24, 2006

Original name: Arrivederci amore, ciao

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 47m

Filming Locations: Paris, France · Milan, Italy

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Left-wing radical turned terrorist Giorgio fled to Latin America in the '70s to escape justice. After hearing about the fall of the Berlin Wall, he decides to surrender: he's fed up with hiding in the jungle and only wants to lead a comfortable, bourgeois life in his native Italy. He cuts a deal with a shady police chief, getting his sentence reduced in exchange for ratting out former comrades. Once released, Giorgio obsessively pursues his dream of becoming a "respectable" citizen, even if the way is paved with larceny, pimping, drug-dealing, rape, heist, and murder.

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The Goodbye Kiss (Italian: Arrivederci amore, ciao, also known as Goodbye My Love, Goodbye) is a 2006 Italian neo-noir film directed by Michele Soavi. It is based on the pulp novel Arrivederci amore, ciao by Massimo Carlotto. The film won the David di Donatello for best original song ("Insieme a te non ci sto più", performed by Caterina Caselli and written by Paolo Conte and others).

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