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Release Date: August 5, 2008

Status: Released

Running time: 34m

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At the brink of World War I, Fritz Shimon Haber was Germany's greatest chemist. Haber's Nobel prize-winning synthetic fertilizers saved world's population from mass starvation. But as World War I broke out killing millions of German soldiers, the desperate German forces asks Shimon Haber to provide the army with new kind of weapon. Haber has already sacrificed his and his family's Jewish identity in order to become a respectable German citizen. With his decision to invent such a weapon, Haber was the first scientist in human history to unleash a weapon of mass destruction. Later he paid the ultimate price for his ambition as his wife Clara committed suicide and his invention was used for murdering millions of Jewish people during World War II.

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Haber is a 2008 short-film written and directed by Daniel Ragussis. The film recounts the work of Fritz Haber in developing chemical weapons for the German Army during World War I.

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