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Tod Slaughter

Tod Slaughter

Conhecido(a) por: Acting · Nascimento: 1885-03-19

11 Filmes


Norman Carter Slaughter (19 March 1885 – 19 February 1956) was an English actor, best known for playing over-the-top maniacs in macabre film adaptations of Victorian melodramas.

Início da vida

Norman Carter Slaughter was born on 19 March 1885 in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he attended the Royal Grammar School. The eldest surviving son of 12 children, he made his way onto the stage in 1905 at West Hartlepool. In 1913, he became a lessee of the Hippodrome theatres in the Richmond and Croydon areas of London. After a brief interruption to serve in the Royal Flying Corps during World War I, he returned to the stage.

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