Sample People


Release Date: May 11, 2000

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 33m

Budget: $30,000

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Sample People is an upbeat dramatic thriller that follows four groups of people as they seek escape routes over one weekend. The DJ is what the dreamer wants. Sem has a premonition that his girlfriend is in danger. He wants them to leave the city. Andy stole money from his boss. He just wants to head up the coast with Jess, but seems to be falling deeper into a love triangle of drugs and delusion. Finally, there's Joey, a TV affected homeboy who reveals to his best friend that he's got a gun and will use it sooner or later. His gang fantisies will become reality. The consequences of heroes' actions can be seen in their lives.

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Sample People is a 2000 Australian film, directed by Clinton Smith. It is about the entanglements of twelve people in one weekend in Sydney.The film was originally going to be made for $60,000 but prior to filming it was decided to seek more money. Despite being set in Sydney, it was shot in Adelaide.
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