Mea culpa

Drama · 

Release Date: June 1, 1993

Status: Ended

Seasons: 13

Episodes: 159

Running time: 1h 10m

Mea culpa

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There is a touch of psychological thriller in the recreation of the real criminal events.

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Mea culpa was a Chilean television series broadcast by Televisión Nacional de Chile in prime time, hosted by journalist Carlos Pinto. He recreates with actors the crimes that have shocked Chilean public opinion in a trustworthy way, which, in its original broadcasts, earned him a large audience in his country of origin. Its first broadcast was on June 2, 1993, presented by journalist Cecilia Serrano. The main music at the beginning of the program was composed by Edgardo Riquelme in 1993 who also composed certain themes used as incidental music in some chapters.Given its graphic dramatization of murders, rapes or other crimes that endanger human life, this series is exclusively for adults.
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