Zombie Roadkill

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Release Date: October 4, 2010

Status: Released

Running time: 30m

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A group of college kids are driving. There will be a price to pay when the group accidentally runs over a squirrel on a road trip. The cursed road can bring the zombie squirrel back to life. After the kids crash and everyone is injured except the younger brother, he is forced to set out on a journey to defeat the ancient curse and save his brother and friends before it's too late.

This Movie Is About.


Zombie Roadkill is a 2010 American television series directed by David Green. It is starring Michael Blaiklock, Thomas Haden Church, Jeff D'Agostino, David Dorfman, Cherilyn Wilson and Toni Wynne. The series is composed of 6 episodes and premiered on October 4, 2010 and ended on October 9, 2010 through FearNet.

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