Monsieur le Président Directeur Général


Release Date: December 16, 1966

Status: Released

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Abel T. Léonard (Michel Galabru), general manager of Glaceco, a multinational of refrigerators, goes to Paris with his secretary to designate the future European vice president of his company. Among the candidates coming from Italy, England and Germany are the French Denis Bonneval (Pierre Mondy). To influence him, he invites Abel and his secretary as well as the other competitors in his country house. On the same day, Thérèse (Jacqueline Maillan), his wife, lawyer in lack of clients, accepts the defense of the killer Stéphane Brévin (Claude Rich), accused of having strangled eleven people. The murderer prepares his trial in the Bonnevals who make him pass for the secretary of Thérèse.

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