The Bluffers


Release Date: January 1, 1985

Status: Ended

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 13

Running time: 25m

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The Bluffers

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Welcome to the magical, musical land of Bluffoonia where the evil tyrant, Clandestino, rules the kingdom with an iron hand and a cold heart. Day by day he's destroying the beautiful forest for his own selfish gains, but the Bluffers—a group of lovable and mischievous animals—are determined to save their forest homeland.

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The Bluffers is a 1986 children's cartoon series created by Frank Fehmers. The stories revolved around the inhabitants of the fictitious land of Bluffoonia and their ongoing struggle against the evil tyrant Clandestino and his plans to destroy the forest in which they live.

The series was based on an idea by Gene Deitch, who also wrote the lyrics. Michael Jupp, who also created The Dreamstone and Bimble's Bucket, was art director for the series and created the characters.

The show's opening strapline is:

Bluffoonia once was a beautiful country before the crazed maniac Clandestino took over. Clandestino turned that beautiful place into this. Why? Because Clandestino is afraid the Bluffers will get his secret — the secret of getting it all!

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