Le Canard à l'orange


Release Date: November 21, 2019

Status: Released

Le Canard à l'orange

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Hugh Preston is a television animator who has been married for 15 years to Liz, who he cheats on with many mistresses. On a Friday night, Hugh learns that his wife has a lover. At the foot of the wall, she then confesses to Hugh her relationship with a man with whom she plans to leave on the following Sunday morning. Hugh offers his wife to take the wrongs at her expense, and to be caught as a felony of adultery at the marital home with her secretary, and invites her lover to spend the weekend at home. So here is Liz (the wife), Hugh (the husband), John (the lover), Patricia (the secretary of Hugh), plus Mrs. Grey (the governess) and a recalcitrant duck, gathered for a weekend during which Hugh, as a chess player, will do everything to win back her queen.

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