Sniper: The White Raven (2022)

/ 10
1 User Ratings
Running Time

May 3, 2022
Release Date

Sniper: The White Raven (2022)

/ 10
1 User Ratings
Running Time

May 3, 2022
Release Date

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Mykola is an eccentric pacifist who wants to be useful to humanity. When the war begins at Donbass, Mykola’s naive world is collapsing as the militants kill his pregnant wife and burn his home to the ground. Recovered, he makes a cardinal decision and gets enlisted in a sniper company. Having met his wife’s killers, he emotionally breaks down and arranges “sniper terror” for the enemy. He’s saved from a senseless death by his instructor who himself gets mortally wounded. The death of a friend leaves a “scar” and Mykola is ready to sacrifice his life.

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Release Date
May 3, 2022

Original Name
Снайпер. Білий ворон


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Sniper: The White Raven is a 2022 full-length feature film from UM-Group. Work on the film began in 2019. The war drama won the 11th competition of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, and the film was awarded ₴23,946,572 (80% of the total cost of the film's production). The film is directed by Maryan Bushan and written by Maryan Bushan and Mykola Voronin.

The film tells the story of a pacifist high school teacher who wanted to live in peace and harmony with nature, but was driven to join the Ukrainian military as a sniper after war comes to the Donbas. The story was inspired by the life and experiences of scriptwriter Mykola Voronin, himself a schoolteacher who later enlisted with the military.Filming took place in the fall of 2020 at the International Center of NSU in Kyivshchyna (Kyiv Oblast), prior to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Military personnel and military equipment of the International Center and the Northern Operational Territorial Unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, as well as the Rapid Response Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine took part in the filming. About a hundred guardsmen and about two dozen pieces of equipment took part in the mass scenes.

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