Adolf Schlasy

Adolf Schlasy

Known for: Camera
Birthday: 1896-05-23
Deathday: 2000-01-01 (103 years old)

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Adolf Schlasy, also Adolfo W. Slazy and Weis Slazy (born 23 May 1896 in Alwernia, Galicia, as Adolf Schlesinger; died after 1955) was an Austrian cinematographer. Adolf Schlesinger, born in a market spot near Krakow, has been detectable as an auxiliary worker in Vienna since September 1915. After his photographic training, he began working there shortly after the end of the First World War under his birth name as a cinematographer in Austrian film. During this time he met the director Paul Czinner, with whose work Schlasy's work was to be closely connected in the future. Czinner went to Berlin in 1920, followed by Schlesinger. Afterwards he, who now called himself Schlasy, returned temporarily to Vienna. In 1924 Schlasy left the Austrian capital again. In 1925 he arrived again in Berlin. In this role, Adolf Schlasy photographed some of the most well-known works of those years: the violinist of Florence, Doña Juana, Miss Else and Ariane with Czinner's wife Elisabeth Bergner in the female leading role.Schlasy fell ill during the filming of Ariane, and his work had to be taken over by his colleague Fritz Arno Wagner.While Czinner and Bergner went to France in 1932, Schlasy remained in Germany but received no more orders. With the takeover of power by the National Socialists, the Jew left Berlin and found work in Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid in the following four years. Schlasy worked several times with Max Nosseck in the Spanish capital. In 1936, Schlasy fled from Spain before the civil war and returned briefly to Vienna. In the Netherlands, Schlasy began filming Ludwig Berger's Pygmalion film, which he laid down after two days. Finally, he moved to Argentina in 1938 to work as a cameraman. Initially, Spanish director Antonio Momplet, who had also arrived in Buenos Aires, under whose direction Schlasy had shot the comedy La millona shortly before his escape from Madrid, commissioned him to photograph his productions Turbión and Novios para las Muchachas. For his work on Pachamama, Schlasy was awarded the Critic Prize. Until 1955 he is to be proved under the phonetic pseudonym Adolfo W. Slazy or Weis Slazy.


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2000-01-01 (103 years old)

Place of birth
Alwernia, Poland


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Adolf Schlasy
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