Some Visit the Maazoun Twice


Data de Lançamento: 22 de maio de 1978

Nombre original: البعض يذهب للمأذون مرتين

Situação: Lançado

Some Visit the Maazoun Twice

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The film deals with the subject of marital jealousy in the framework of a comedy, revolves around couples who suffer from crises inside their homes. Dr. Mamdouh suffers from the jealousy of his wife (Mona) despite his love and devotion to her. On the other hand, his brother Masoud has a problem with his wife Mahasen that she is always busy with the house and children. Their cousin Ezzat suggests to them following his style with his wife (Saneyah) as he betrays her, but at the same time, he shows her love and attention. Mamdouh and Masoud are convinced of the idea and start implementing it. This is the beginning of many paradoxes and comedies.
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