Peng! Du bist tot!

Thriller · 

Release Date: April 15, 1987

Status: Released

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The story begins with the disappearance of the "superchip". This has come to the power of Peters, who is invincible while possessing it. Peters is able to prepare any kind of computer game, is number one. Later, Peters disappears; two people seek him, although for very different reasons. Flanagan, is a German teacher coming from the United States, always willing to help others. The other is Kai Westerburg, Peters' assistant in computer management. Both look for him together even though they don't like them too much. Suddenly, a third person comes looking for Peters. He is a mysterious character who speaks Russian and who doesn't believe in cooperation at all, prefers to hit hard From that moment on, the search becomes persecution and nervous tension becomes love. But Peters does not want to be persecuted, he prefers to be the one to pursue, so the hunters could be hunted.

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You're dead! is a German crime comedy.
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