To Our Dreamland of Ice

Drama · 

Release Date: February 5, 2022

Original name: 冰雪之名

Status: Ended

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 36

Running time: 45m

To Our Dreamland of Ice

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In 2022, young speed skater Yan Yang is about to compete in the World Youth Championship for the Chinese team. When he picked up the pair of red skates worn by his father Yan Zhenhua, he couldn't help but think of the indissoluble bond between the three generations of the Yan family and ice and snow sports... 1980, In his childhood, Yan Zhenhua practiced skating under the enlightenment of his father Yan Yiguo, and met Li Binghe, a girl from Harbin, and became a figure skating partner. In the cruel competitive road and the changes of the times, Yan Zhenhua and Li Binghe supported each other, but eventually drifted away. As Yan Zhenhua's son Yan Yang grows up day by day, the story of Yan's family and ice and snow sports has opened a new chapter. In 2019, despite his father's objection, Yan Yang was selected for the short track speed skating youth training camp, but he became the sparring partner of female player Jin Ying due to his poor strength.

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