Les Enchantés


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Les Enchantés

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The father, it's Thierry, he was born intellectually deficient. The little one, it's Luce, his daughter. Both of them, they form an indestructible block of love. They love each other as much as they protect themselves from the outside. But today, Luce is six years old and has to go to school. She is a curious student and eager for knowledge, she progresses greatly when she discovers that her father is different and that he does not know how to read or write. Her giant, her god, has just fallen from her pedestal. Fearing that knowledge never separates them, Luce chooses not to learn and to remain ignorant, like him. Her teacher Solange is concerned that she suddenly ceases to study, cumulates absences. She believes that she is doing well, she reports the case of Luce to her hierarchy. But shouldn't love be enough for a child's upbringing?

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